Photo of delivery truck of shame by the author

Which is unfortunate, since adverts are ubiquitous online and in real life. It feels like I can’t open my eyes without seeing one. Fortunately, my brain is trained to filter them out, but occasionally I see one that gets my attention. The above is one.

Somewhere in some office, the human equivalent of pot noodle thought it would be ‘cool’ to advertised vodka as if it is the latest combination of dietary supplement, health food, and ethics. Selling vodka like spas and gyms should have it in their water coolers.



Since I retired from working, people keep asking me, ‘What do you do all day?’

No matter my answer, they tend to say, ‘Hmmm, OK.’

Of course, as the conversation precedes, it becomes obvious they think I’m just treading water. Not doing anything worthwhile with my life.

And, perhaps they are right. But, as I look around Medium, I’m not sure I’m doing anything less worthwhile than most people writing under a carefully chosen article title. A tile that promises that the article contains simple rules you must, must follow to be a successful writer or get rich playing with cryptocurrency.

Until I come up with something better, I’m going to keep spending my day reading, writing, walking, working out, talking to my dog, and eating. Oh, and working on some personal websites that I’ll never ever feel good about.



Gerry McDermott

Scottish by birth and American by choice. Trying to write more clearly, take better photos, and read booksinstead of watching YouTube.